Stitch night tonight!!

Just a reminder that this evening we’ll be re-starting the Temari Tuesdays. Margaret has offered to host at her home this week. If you need directions please check your email or contact Liane, Joyce, or Margaret. We will meet 6:30 – 9:00.
Joyce will have marked balls if she hears from you that you want to try them. If you have supplies like needles, pins and Pearl Cotton from last year bring them along. She is fine with beginners as well, so feel free to join up. Other stitchers are welcome too.


Last Call for NS Fibre Arts Festival

Happy Tuesday!
Just trying to gauge interest for the day trip to the NS Fibre Arts Festival this Saturday. The group would likely leave around 8:00am and arrive in Amherst, NS at 9:45am. Spend the day and leave around 4:00pm arriving in Charlottetown at 5:45pm. Bridge fare would be split (probably in the range of $12 each).
Think about it! See you tonight at stitch-in at the church!!

September 2015 Minutes

MINUTES – LSNAG – Sept 22, 2015

The first Fall 2015 General Meeting of the Lady’s Slipper Needle Arts Guild was held at Winsloe United Church on September 22, 2015. Ten members were present (Liane, Kent, Margaret M, Kim, Cindy, Anita, Joyce, Jean, Sandra and Denise). Due to the resignation of the President and Secretary and the non-renewal of several other members there was extensive discussion about the future of the guild. Joyce chaired the beginning of the discussion and Liane took over for the remainder.

QUESTION- What do you like about this group?
• stories and laughter
• problem solving
• inspiration for projects
• retreat
• confidential friends (what happens here stays here)
• friendship/ social
• incentive to keep stitching
• shared interests

QUESTION- What barriers or changes have we encountered?
• snowstorms- no solution
• drives, especially at night – maybe share rides; need to make offers; maybe have some afternoon stitch-ins

QUESTION- Is Tuesday the best?
Discussion about other days but it seems that Tuesday is best overall.

QUESTION- Is it OK with Kent to open the church for the meetings?
Two Tuesdays per month are OK with him. So the venue for the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays will remain as Winsloe United Church with the Business meetings on the 4th Tuesday as before.

QUESTION- Will the “in between Tuesdays” still have stitching nights?
• Many present liked the “every Tuesday” idea
• Liane offered to have stitch-ins at her house on the 1st Tuesday evenings of most months
• Joyce offered to have stitch-ins at her house on the 3rd Tuesdays of most months
• Jean offered to have one on Sept 29th (next week) as the 5th Tuesday
• Joyce offered to host the Christmas Party
• A calendar will be prepared with the planned activity each Tuesday, along with location and also extra activities.
• All evenings will be approx 6:30 – 9 pm

QUESTION- What Programs are of interest?
• Important to make projects optional
• Nice to have opportunity to try different techniques
• Specifics- Hardanger; Finishing ornaments etc; Lacing
• Possible shopping trip to Moncton
• Possible trip to NS Fibre Festival in October – Jean and Kent to gather info; discussion next week at Jeans
• Library questions- deferred till October 13th meeting- Library Night
• Temari nights on Joyce’s Tuesdays

QUESTION- New Executive for LSNAG?
• President – Liane Johnston
• Vice President- Joyce Gill
• Secretary- revolving and send Minutes by email
• Treasurer- Kim Toombs
• Retreat- Cindy MacInnis
• Membership- Khristine Doiron
• Photography and Archives- Jean Kimpinski

QUESTION- How can we build our membership?
• Facebook Page- Liane will set up; everyone to send photos; Jean to get photos of our events; photos of works in progress are great
• Stitch in Public Demos- possibility
• Business Cards with Guild info- suggestion
• Mini projects for guests at meetings (Denise and Joyce to bring some for start)
• Rack Card- possibility Vistaprint- Joyce to investigate

• “Feed the Pig” idea from Marigold Chapter will be started. Kim will set up; Members bring any needlework stuff to share; anyone wishing to take makes donation; leftovers are taken home by person donating. Possibly different name?
• Show and Tell to become part of 4th Tuesday meetings.
• Field Trips- should become a regular feature; decision that the first one will be- Friday October 2 to St Paul’s Quilt Show [meet at 4:45 at Liane’s to car pool; at show 5-6:30; supper at Pilot House at 7; contact Liane if planning to participate.]
• Hospitality (food) at meetings? Decision to make nibbles optional and not to organize.

• Kent had received a letter from PEIWI telling that Gonda Visser had won the Viewer’s Choice at the Provincial Exhibition. A cheque for our prize will be sent.
• It was decided to defer the decision to next month on whether to give a larger donation to the church for the meeting venue
• Kim says there is approximately $700 in the bank; signing officers will need to be adjusted
• Some members paid dues; the rest are asked to bring them to Jean’s next week

The evening closed at approximately 9pm. All present were pleased with the results and the full exchange of ideas among those present.

President- Liane Johnston
Acting Secretary- Joyce Gill

A Facebook page has been set up. Search Lady’s Slipper Needle Arts Guild to find it on Facebook. It will mostly have pictures of group/individual projects and works in process, UFOs, finished pieces etc. No tagging and no pictures of people unless they are ok with that.
A Blog has been set up. Here is the link The purpose will be to keep members up on what is happening. Subscribe to it to have it come to your own email when new things are posted. Or just check on it every week or so to see what has been added if you don’t want to subscribe.

Possible Program for next year??

The French Needle ( has some wonderful kits in surface embroidery. I wondered what would be the interest in doing one of these as a program for next year? We could learn a stitch each time we got together. I can see no reason we can’t each pick a favourite from the ones shown. The prices are in $US but we could likely get together on shipping. There would possibly be customs added to the price too.
Just a thought. Comments needed.


Field Trip!


What: Quilt Show & Dinner

Where: St. Paul’s Anglican Church & The Pilot House

When: Friday, October 2, 2015

Time: Meet 4:45pm, Show 5:00pm-6:30pm, Dinner 7:00pm-8:30pm.

RSVP: Contact Liane to reserve your spot!

Quilts, hooked rugs, and other needle & fibre gems!
‘Stories in Stitches’ is a major fabric-and-fibre exhibition with a stunning mode of display. It will run from September 29th to October 3rd — Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00 to 4:00, and from 10:00 until 7:00 on Friday and till 5:00 on Saturday.

Tickets are $5 at the door.

Workshops everyday are included in the admission, and you can come and go throughout the day.

It’s not a sale, but some presenters will be open to subsequent purchase of their works. Items for sale will be marked and show contact data.

“There’s usually a story about why a person made a quilt, rug or other craft creation,” says the curator, Carol Macdonald. “Hence the show’s title: ‘Stories in Stitches’.